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Gate designs to keep wildlife out


If you live somewhere that wildlife is prone to roam, you want to make sure to keep them off your property. Fences help with that, but if you have an open driveway, they still may be able to get in. If you have a driveway gate and still have a wildlife problem, you might want to consider a custom driveway gate that will deter wildlife. Below are a few designs that are made for keeping wildlife out:

  • Welded Wire Mesh

Wider mesh is typically used to keep animals out. You can add wire mesh to an existing gate or design a new gate using wire mesh.

  • Plexiglass

Plexiglass can be inserted in any openings you may have in your gate. Not only is it durable, it can be used to enhance the aestheticism of your gate as well.

  • Minimal Openings

The fewer openings there are on the gate, the fewer opportunities for animals to get in.

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