Reasons that an automatic gate starts to drag the ground


As with manual residential and commercial gates, automatic gates can start to slide or swing along the ground when they open and close. This problem can occur for several reasons:

  • The contractor who installed your gate did it incorrectly. For example, the gate is too big for the operator to handle or the gate lost its original shape because it wasn’t braced properly.
  • The gate’s weight can no longer be supported well by its hinges or associated welds. One or more hinges have loose or missing screws or have weakened in general over time. Welds can also become loose, crack or weaken.
  • Children or adults have been leaning or climbing on the gate. Their weight has pulled down the gate and thrown off the balance needed for the system to support it correctly.
  • The support posts or columns have become unstable for some reason. For example, the underlying ground has shifted from natural earth movements or construction, or an accident has damaged the supports.

At Surfliner Gate Systems, our team members have the knowledge, skills and tools to perform repairs onsite when an automatic driveway gate experiences this type of problem. For more information or to schedule a system inspection, call us today.

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