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When to Repair Your Fence and When to Replace It


After years of withstanding whatever mother nature could throw at it, your fence is looking a little worse for wear.

Now what?

If you’ve noticed your fence is starting to show its age, you may find yourself wondering if you should shell out for repairs. Or, if you should scrap the entire thing and start fresh.

When deciding if whether you should replace or repair your fence, it’s important to take into account what’s wrong with it. Taking on a few simple repairs yourself could save you a lot of money.

Alternatively, the cost of repairs could outweigh the price of a new fence altogether.

Missing and Broken Boards

It doesn’t matter if they’re the result of a fallen tree or a backyard football game that went awry. You can usually treat knocked out or broken boards as a simple repair.

But, it’s important to repair your fence as soon as possible when this type of damage happens. You don’t want to leave holes in your fence too long.

After a while, missing boards can compromise the integrity of your fence and cause you to need to replace it.

Insect Damage

Best case scenario, a nosey neighbor with a drill caused the hole in your fence. But, it’s far more likely the real culprit has at least six legs.

Insect damage is generally a DOA situation for fences. It can be tricky to figure out how extensive the damage is until the whole thing comes crashing down.

If upon investigation you find out the damage is isolated enough, you could get away with repairing your fence.

Whatever you decide, be sure to treat the area for any creepy crawlers before taking action.


If your fence has taken to stabbing people, it’s time to replace it.

Wood only lasts so long, especially when you keep it out in the elements. If your fence has started splintering, that means the wood is dangerously close to its end date.

You could attempt repairs, but odds are you will need to replace the whole thing sooner rather than later. It’s best, and can even be cheaper, to get it all done at once.


Whether they’re grey or yellow, stains on your fence are a giant red flag.

Stains are a sign that the wood in your fence has started to rot and that it won’t be long before it starts falling apart. On top of that, moldy wood is unsightly.

While stains are usually a death sentence for your fence, there are occasions when the issue is isolated — such as an area of the fence near a sprinkler. In these cases, you can repair your fence.


If your fence is standing at anything other than 90 degrees, its time to replace it. Period.

Unlike any of the other items on this list, a leaning fence is not an issue with the fence material. It’s much deeper than that.

It could be that your fence was never anchored properly, or that the ground around the fence softened over time. Either way, your only option is to pull up your old fence and start new.

Time to Repair Your Fence

A good rule of thumb to follow when you’re trying to decide whether you should replace or repair your fence also applies to cars.

If it would cost more to repair the fence than it would to buy a new fence — buy a new fence.

And no matter whether you decide to replace your fence or repair it, we can help.

Contact us and we’ll help you get the fence you and your home deserve.

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