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Safer steps for visitors? Install a handrail!


You might not feel the need for this for yourself, as you bound up the steps and through the door into your home with the glorious athleticism of youth. However, you might not be entirely typical of those who visit your home on a regular basis!

Do you have regular, and cherished, visits from parents who are growing that little bit older, grandparents who are not as lithe as they used to be, aunts or uncles with slight mobility problems? If so, how about adding some railings? These offer extra style to your home at the same time as they provide that extra hold-on help and touch of confidence that many visitors might really appreciate.

To talk about adding metal safety and decorative handrails to your property, simply call 805-668-8851 and talk to our Surfliner Gate Systems custom driveway gate, fencing, and handrail experts…

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