Should you get an arched or straight driveway gate?


There are many benefits to having both an arched and a straight driveway gate. However, many factors go into deciding which one to choose for your driveway. Below are a few of the things that should be taken into consideration:

Home style

Not sure which style gate you should choose? Look to your home for inspiration. Choose the design that best complements the design of your home. Arched gates will complement historical style homes such as Gregorian and Victorian, as well as neo-classical homes. Straight gates tend to look better with more modern homes.

Property features

Consider your property’s natural features such as hills, ponds, and trees and determine whether an arched or straight gate will make the property more visually appealing.


Arched gates tend to cost more, so if budget is an issue, then you may want to consider a straight-line barrier. Or, be prepared and plan your budget ahead of time if you plan on going with arches.

When you decide which style you want to go with, or if you want to talk it over with one of our custom driveway gate experts, just give us a call at Surfliner Gate Systems!

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